Young Saviours C.E.R.T

9 Priority Steps for Creating a Nation of Prepared Youth

  1. Elevate the importance of youth preparedness learning programs at the national, state, and local levels.

  2. Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of existing and new youth preparedness programs.

  3. Support the implementation of youth preparedness learning programs.

  4. Create positive relationships between youth and the first responder community.

  5. Link youth preparedness to family and community participation, especially in communities where English may not be the first language spoken (or understood) among adults, in other underrepresented communities, and inclusive of individuals with access and functional needs.

  6. Make school preparedness a key component of youth preparedness.

  7. Build and strengthen productive partnerships among stakeholder agencies and organizations.

  8. Identify opportunities to embed youth preparedness in youth culture.

  9. Design a sustaining, locally driven model for developing, designing, and delivering programming

Practice how to communicate in an emergency with kids. Find ways here: #YouthPrep

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