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X-Factor: When you are the determining factor for survival

Welcome to the X-Factor

Peace and Blessings family,

I want to welcome you the X-factor blog. My name is James Muhammad and I have been in disaster Preparedness for over 25 years. I am the executive director of 10,000 FEARLESS CERT TEAM in Charlotte NC. My objective is to inspire, Inform and motivate the reader to become prepared for the critical times that we are now living in. With America's drinking water crisis, famine, war on the horizon, inflation, and more. We are seeing the unraveling of a great Nation.

We will discuss the following in the upcoming blogs. Food and water storage, Mental preparedness, Physical fitness, first aid, hygiene, and more. We want to share with the reader that fancy gadgets a whole lot of gear and food with empty calories will not help you survive the great calamity that we are facing. A sound well-thought out plan, Mental preparedness, and a strong connection to your higher power, will help you overcome most situations you encounter. We should not prepare for just one major DOOMSDAY event. We should prepare for all of the small disasters that occur every day that chip away at our foundation which makes our foundation weak and vulnerable when faced with a true disaster.

Why X-Factor?

This blog is called X-factor because you are the variable within any situation that can determine the outcome. prepare yourself to meet and overcome all obstacles presented to you and you will be the winner.

More coming soon.

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